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– A unique collaboration of cultural institutions

The Centre for Preservation of Cultural Heritage consists of both Conservation Centre Vejle and The Shared Storage Facility, housed at the same location.
Sixteen cultural institutions have bought individual shares in the storage facility, which was erected in 2003 according to a passive climate concept. Buffering materials are used in the construction to minimize dependence on mechanical climate control. The facility has been highly successful with very low energy consumption and high preservation rates. In fact, extension is currently been carried out to double its size.

For more information about the building of The Shared Storage Facility follow this link:
Article from ICOM-CC 2005

The Conservation Centre was established as a mutual facility for the museums in the area, but also private clients and cultural institutions can use the Centre. Treatment can be carried out in areas such as archaeology, paper, photographs, textiles, objects, paintings and painted surfaces.

For contact and more information about each conservator follow this link.

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